Allergy Cough

Most people have experienced a cough caused by a cold or flu — the kind of cough that comes on strong for a few days during an illness, and then tapers off as you start to feel better. But what if you have a cough that just won’t go away?

People with allergic cough may not look or feel sick, but may complain of an itchy, scratchy or rubbing sensation deep in the throat, leading to an irritation which can cause coughing spells.

If your cough is allergy-related, you might notice that you cough more during some seasons, or in some environments. If you’re sensitive to dust, pet dander, pollen, mould, or other common allergens, then your allergy symptoms may include a cough in conjunction with sneezing, congestion, and itchy skin, eyes and nose.

Allergic cough is characterised by a loud barking sound with intensity and force that is similar to sneezing in hay fever.

Some occupational and environmental causes of allergic cough:

  • Exposure to dust mite, animal or cockroach allergens, fungi and pollen
  • Exposure to cigarette smoking or other respiratory irritants
  • Exposure to air pollutants from gas cooking stoves or outdoor traffic

Skin testing is the most commonly used form of allergy testing and it is fast and accurate. In certain circumstances, your doctor may conduct blood testing in addition to or instead of skin testing.

Management Options:

  • A cough suppressant can be used for short term symptomatic relief of non-productive cough (dry, irritated cough).
  • A nasal decongestant may be a welcome inclusion in a cough syrup if you need help relieving a blocked, stuffy nose or runny nose.
  • Speak to your pharmacist about a cough combination that relieves your blocked or stuffy nose in 15 minutes and provides day and night time relief from that dry, irritating cough. Should you need additional information on allergies or allergic rhinitis please refer to

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